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Calculated Industries 5025 ElectriCalc LT Electrical Calculator Free Shipping - Electronics - Fits My Budget

Calculated Industries

Calculated Industries 5025 ElectriCalc LT Electrical Calculator Free Shipping

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For Electrical Contractors, Designers, Electricians Save time, avoid costly errors & solve hundreds of electrical problems with the touch of a few buttons! Unlike a regular calculator, the ElectriCalc LT has custom "electrical keys" with common NationalElectrical Code (NEC) tables built-in, allowing you to solve Code-related problems quickly and accurately. It's a handy 1999 NEC Reference Tool that puts electrical/wiring answers at your fingertips!

Solve Electrical Math Problems Instantly Solve for volts, amps, volt-amps, watts, kVA, kW, PF%, EFF%, and DC resistance.

Copper or Aluminum Wire Sizes Calculates wire sizes per NEC 310-16 & 310-17. Copper or aluminum, 3Ø/1Ø, 60°C, 75°C, 90°C insulation ratings at 100% or 125% of ampacity. Adjusts wire sizes for ambient temperatures other than 30°C and for more than three wires in a raceway.

Parallel & Derated Wire Sizes One-button parallel & derated wire sizing.
Voltage Drop Calculations Lets you find: minimum voltage drop wire size, max. length for any given wire size and drop percentage, actual number and percentage of volts dropped.

Grounding Conductor Sizes Calculates service and equipment grounding conductor sizes.
Works as a Regular Calculator
Durable and Portable

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