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Dummy Surveillance Camera with Intruder Alert DCIA - Safety & Security - Fits My Budget


Dummy Surveillance Camera with Intruder Alert DCIA

$6.95 $14.95

The DCIA Dummy Surveillance Camera makes robbers and shoplifters think twice.  Much cheaper than a real surveillance camera, this camera will pay for itself quickly.
With a built in motion detector, it remains still until movement activates the camera, which moves back and forth while flashing a red light.  It sounds several pre-recorded verbal warnings (verbal warnings are pre-recorded and cannot be changed).
This camera can be mounted to either the wall or ceiling. Operates on three AA batteries (not included). The camera measures 5 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches (excluding the mounting bracket).
The verbal warnings include "Intruder Alert" "Leave the room immediately" "Make no sudden movements"  "Please touch nothing" and "Vacate immediately".

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