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Streetwise Safety Beam Intruder or Boundary Alert System with Chime - Safety & Security - Fits My Budget


Boundary and Intruder Alert System with Chime by Streetwise

$29.95 $32.95

Streetwise Safety Beam - invisible infrared alarm for intruder detection or boundary alert system
An infrared beam can be set up to distance of 60 feet long and sounds a loud alarm or a pleasant chime when the beam is interrupted. Great alert when your child or pet leaves a designated area and it's a great intruder alarm.
Retailers and other businesses can use the one chime feature to announce customers entering the store or the continuous chime to alert them when someone enters an "off limits" area (in this mode the chime sounds continuously until you turn it off).
Volume - The distance indicator has a maximum distance of 60 feet and can be set to high or low. Chime volume setting can be set to low, medium, or high.
Requires two 6-volt AC adapters (included) and three AA back up batteries (not included).
Size: 4-3/8 inches by 3 inches by 1-1/8 inches. Please note that this item works best when it is placed one foot off the ground or higher.
Decibel rating 110


  • Two 6-volt AC adapters (included)
  • Three AA back up batteries (not included)


  • Safety Beam
  • Instruction Manual
  • Two 6-volt AC adaptors

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