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Radio Remote Control M1A2T RC Japanese MBT Tank

$59.95 $69.95

Radio Remote Control  16 Inch M1A2 RC Japanese MBT Tank 


Modeled after the Japanese Type-90 MBT (Main Battle Tank) which is the Japanese equivalent of the US's M1A2 Abrams. Looks similar to the Leopard 2 tank of Germany and has the same 120mm gun as both the Abrams and Leopard 2. 1/24 scale, 3 channel remote control tank fires 6mm airsoft BB's! Full-function remote controls tank movement, 320 degree turret rotation and 20 degree height, as well as firing (40 BB capacity)! Maximum firing range of about 25 meters. Length: 41cm. 2-level forward speed control (forward, backward, spin, super spin). Set includes: battle tank, remote control, battery charger, rechargable battery, and accessories. Imported.

  • Factory pre-assembled, ready to run
  • Remote Control Battle Tanks.
  • 1/24 Radio-controlled BATTLE TANK.
  • Max firing range of about 25M Equipped with motor AIR GUN.
  • Turret can turn to both sides and gun can go up and down.
  • All driving wheels suspension System.
  • 1/24 Scale and 41cm of Tank length make vivid tank battle Possible.
  • 2-Level Forward Speed Control.
  • Forward, Backward, Spin, Super Spin.
  • Equipped with High Gripping Caterpillar.
  • Tank Fighting Possible (More than one Tank can run at the Same Time.  

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