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Dry Cleaning Equipment Leasing Considerations

A dry cleaning business is involved in a niche market. Depending on the location of the business it can be very profitable with more work or customers than it can handle but it can also struggle in the economic downturn or areas populated with fewer desk jobs. A dry cleaning business generally concerns itself with the cleaning, ironing and removal of stains from your better clothes. Expensive suits that we need at times for our work can be sent to the dry cleaners to be washed, pressed and have stains removed. This process is often very good and makes your clothes look good.

To take a more in depth look, dry-cleaning is a cleaning process for both clothing and textiles that uses a solvent rather than water. The process is often used for delicate fabrics instead of washing them by hand, which can be extremely laborious. The original dry-cleaners used flammable solvents such as petrol and kerosene. This however brought up many risk concerns of fire and accidents so later the dry cleaners began using chlorinated solvents. When you actually look at a dry cleaning machine it looks like a combination of a washing machine and a clothes dryer.

Types of dry cleaning equipment that can be leased can vary greatly. One can lease items such as air compressors, dry cleaning machines or a pants topper. You can also lease steam boilers, steamers, spotting boards, utility presses and vacuum units. The way these machines work is really quite simple but they can be difficult for a small business to afford. All of these different types of equipment are needed to run a well functioning dry cleaning business.

When we talk about starting a business, we normally think about having to buy in new equipment. This can cause great financial problems with the huge outlay in capital investments. The idea of leasing dry cleaning equipment is becoming more and more popular. There are many reasons why you are better off to lease equipment rather than buy it. Leasing allows you to obtain new equipment without the worries of ownership and it also allows you to preserve credit lines and operating capital. Depending on the leasing plan you agree to, they can offer a wide variety of options such as deferred lease payments and floating or fixed rates.

We all want to make money in our lives so that we can live comfortably. Part of becoming or remaining financially stable hangs on also saving as much money as you can. With the flexibility leasing offers you or your business, it is a very advantageous idea. The fact that leases don’t appear as a debt on your financial statement is very good if you are looking to borrow or fund other projects. The tax office also considers leasing as a tax-deductible expense, therefore the lease payments don’t have to be included in your corporate income statements. Leasing is a real alternative for businesses and people who are looking to make the most out of their finances.

To get more information about dry cleaning equipment leasing or to get a free consultation and no fee application for any type of commercial equipment leasing for your business contact EZ Equipment Leasing now.

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