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Blankets - Cuddlewraps

Cuddleblankets, cuddlewraps, or blankets with sleeves - whatever you call them, Biederlack cuddle wraps are the original. Warm and luxurious and made of high quality materials, these beautiful wrap blankets with sleeves are robe blankets that never go out of style. Always in style with smart colors and patterns.

Biederlack blankets and cuddlewraps are MADE IN THE USA. These fine quality luxurious snap and zipper blanket wraps are in limited supply because Biederlack's made in America throws are no longer manufactured.

Cuddlewraps, cuddle blankets, robe blankets, snuggle blankets, snuggies, and more. These unique wrap around blankets are designed to keep you snug as a bug in a rug. Our beautiful Biederlack blanket wraps wrap from back to front, so there's no draft hole in the back. Thick and luxurious, the Biederlack blankets are easy to use and still lightweight for comfort. Don't settle for just a robe or a blanket, get a blanket robe that doubles as a blanket and a robe.

Blanket Cuddlewraps are beautiful, warm blankets that wrap around your body & snap or zip into place. Lightweight & easy to use, these blankets are soft & eye-catching. Great for sitting by the fireplace, cuddling up on the couch, or lounging around the house, these blanket wraps are perfect for everyone! Use them for camping, too.