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How to Be Smart About Your Wedding Budget

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Is it possible to save money while planning your perfect wedding? The answer to this is a resounding yes! Many couples are unaware of the money saving opportunities available when it comes to planning their big day and unfortunately thousands of newlyweds end over budget and begin married life with horrendous debts. So, how can you save money during the planning and preparation of your wedding? Wedding Planner Maria Kirk from Pazazz Weddings has devised a list of 10 ideas to get you started.

1. Realistic Budget Calculations

When it comes to setting a budget many couples are unrealistic about the costs involved. Research online to find average prices and then you will be able to work out a budget for your wedding. You can then discuss how much you can save and if necessary discuss contributions from relatives.

2. Prioritise

If your final budget is more than you can comfortably afford then you should prioritise by marking each item with a number from 1 – 10. 10 being a ‘must have’ and 1 being a ‘can live without.’ Once you are comfortable with your priorities you can begin by booking suppliers or searching for the items with the highest priority first.

3. Hit the Sales

Everyone loves a bargain! You might just find your perfect dress half price in the sales or the wedding favours on a buy one get one free offer. Without a doubt the best time to shop for wedding related items is during the sales.

4. Negotiation

If you are confident and enjoy bartering then you could get an excellent price from suppliers. There are two ways to negotiate with suppliers, quantity and discounts. Quantity negotiation is when you receive a better service for less, for example a photographer may allow you 10 free photographs or the DJ may play for an extra hour. Discount negotiation is harder to achieve but is possible and there are two types of discounts to aim for, quality and financial. Quality discounts are when you receive a higher value item for less and financial discounts are when you receive money off of a purchase.

5. Wedding Fairs

These are fantastic to visit in order to gain ideas and inspiration; however, I would not advise you to sign any contracts on the day. Many suppliers will offer discounts on the day of the fair but how do you know that the price they are offering is not their ‘real’ price? I would simply take some information from them and ask them to hold the price for you. They may not be keen to do this but most suppliers will hold the price for a week after the wedding fair. This will give you enough time to gain other quotations and work out if you are getting a good price or not.

6. Online Shopping

You can get some amazing deals by browsing the internet. Try visiting eBay for items, you can choose to select ‘new’ items only and you may just find the shoes you are after or the perfect bridesmaid dress at a fraction of the cost.

7. Hire a Wedding Planner

It is a common misconception that wedding planners are expensive and take over the wedding. We are simply available to help and with a planner negotiating on your behalf you are certain to save money. It is possible to save thousands of pounds when you hire a wedding planner.

8. Gift List

Consider setting up a honeymoon gift list service like the one offered by honeymoney. Guests can transfer money into an account for you to use on your honeymoon. This will make a huge saving and will allow you to experience things on your honeymoon which you may not have been able to afford.

9. The Day of the Week

The day you choose for your wedding can affect the price that supplier’s charge. For example, with venues the most expensive day of the week to marry is on a Saturday and you can save up to 40% by marrying on a weekday.

10. Creative Friends

Do you enjoy making cards? Maybe you could make your own invitations. Have you got a friend that decorates birthday cakes? Maybe she could decorate your wedding cake. Does your mum adore flowers? She could arrange the floral decorations and bouquets. By using talented friends and relatives you will save hundreds… maybe thousands of pounds.

Pazazz Weddings and Events offer professional and affordable Wedding Planning and Event Management across Kent, East Sussex and London. We will also travel to other parts of the UK and even abroad if that is required.

We provide an outstanding service to all of our clients, saving them time, stress and thousands of pounds and with the recession hitting the UK there has never been a better time to hire a planner for your big day.

We make it a point to establish a personal relationship with each bride who has entrusted us with her special day. From intimate affairs to faraway destinations, we customize our consulting services and wedding packages to exceed your wildest expectations.

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