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Figuring Out a Budget for Prom – It’s Not As Hard As You Think

Prom expenses can seem overwhelming. Take off some of the pressure and make a budget for your prom. Budgeting involves much thought and planning and the farther in advance you begin planning the less stressful it will be. You can’t expect to wait until the last minute and have the prom of your dreams. Dreams require some thought! You may not know exactly which dress you want for prom but you can estimate how much your dream dress may cost and factor that into your budget. So what will I need to pay for:

Your prom dress

Prom ticket





Hair style




Restaurant meal before prom

After prom activities

How in the world can I pay for all this? Save your money!

If you have a job while you are going to school then you may have an easier time paying for prom but if you are a full time student you need to think of creative ways to earn cash. Ask your family, friends and neighbors about how you can make some money. They may have jobs you can do after school such as mowing their lawn, washing and/or waxing their cars, babysitting or walking their dogs. You might help someone clean house or run errands for those who aren’t able to themselves. If you make good grades in a certain subject you might tutor other students who need extra practice in that subject. Keep in mind that not all jobs are doable in all months… you can’t exactly make money mowing grass in the middle of winter but you might make money shoveling snow during that time. If you are good at typing you might be of service to your fellow classmates. For those who do not have access to a computer you might type papers for them for a fee. If you are talented in crafts think about making items to sell. Handmade items sell well prior to holidays. Heart shaped items for Valentine’s Day. Star related items for Independence Day. Pumpkin related items for fall and ornaments for Christmas. If you are crafty you are only limited by your imagination.

Make a flier with a list of the jobs you are willing to do to help you earn your prom money. Be sure to include your name and phone number so it will be easy for your potential employer to contact you.

Back to business… here’s what you decide for your prom budget:

Prom dress ($500)

Prom ticket ($50)

Shoes ($75)

Handbag ($75)

Jewelry ($50)

Flowers ($50)

Hair style ($50)

Nails ($50)

Transportation ($250)

Pictures ($200)

Restaurant meal before prom ($50)

After prom activities ($100)

Your total cost = $1500

You may think some of these figures are a bit high but it’s better to over-estimate than under-estimate your expenses.

Let’s say you have ten months before your prom. $1500 divided over 10 months is $150 per month. So, you need to generate $150 of income each month in order to afford everything on your list.

Remember that a little hard work and doing a good job for each person who employs you might ensure you future employment. Let’s say you wash Mr. Smith’s car on August 5th and he is very satisfied with your work. When Mr. Smith’s car is dirty again he just might call you!

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