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How to Apply for an Apartment

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Applying for an apartment is a simple process if you are prepared. The apartment search itself is often the hardest part of the equation; once you have a place you just need to apply and fill out some basic paperwork. Here are some ways to prepare for this process and some things you’ll need to have.

The first thing you’ll want to do if you are interested in leasing an apartment is ask your landlord for a tenant application.

Once you have the application, you’ll need to take care in filling it out completely and accurately.

You will need to provide your social security number for the purpose of a credit check; you may also need to provide a bank statement as proof of financial stability. The bank statement isn’t always necessary, but you should be prepared to offer it just in case.

The prospective landlord may also ask for some type of employment verification. This will provide proof of a steady income. In this scenario you should have someone at your work that can be contacted for verification.

You may also need to provide a rental history. If you are a first time apartment finder and don’t have a renter’s history you should provide other references.

Expect to have to pay an application fee. This is usually no more than $50 and is just for the cost of processing.

If there will be more than just you living in the apartment, you should also provide a list of residents.

If you own a vehicle, provide your license plate number.

As an apartment finder, you should keep these things in mind. Have the necessary documents available and consider this as a bit of an apartment guide for the application process. Be patient with the search and allow yourself time to find a place that really works well for you. Good luck, and happy hunting.

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