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Tips For Leasing a Car

Completing Quote Request Form

Being specific on your vehicle derivative will speed up your contract hire quote request.

Vehicle Insurance

All vehicles require fully comprehensive insurance for car leasing and customers must notify their insurance company regarding the specific use of the vehicle to prevent any problems in the event of a claim.

Contract Hire Vehicle Maintenance

Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for service mileage intervals and check your oil and tyre levels regularly.

Car Leasing Non Maintenance agreements

Please remember that the customer is responsible for maintaining and servicing the vehicle as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Manufacturer’s warranty

All new vehicles come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Please note that a manufacturer’s warranty does not mean free servicing with car leasing.

Roadside Assistance & Free Servicing

Check out the manufacturer’s website before selecting your options as we would not want you to pay for something they may be including for free with the vehicle

Save money on mileage

Save money by reviewing your mileage after 11 months and if you have miscalculated the initial estimated mileage, your lease agreement may allow you to reduce or increase the contract mileage by rescheduling the agreement therefore increasing or reducing the finance rental, removing any potential penalty for excess mileage.


Provided you do not exceed the total lease mileage, it does not matter if you do more miles in year one and less miles in year two.

Vehicle Test Drive

Always try and test drive a vehicle before entering into a contract hire agreement to make sure it meets your requirements and expectations.


Before entering into a car lease agreement check your tax implications first as Personal lease agreement may be more cost effective.

Sole Traders & Partners

Sole Traders & Partners benefit from the fact that they are not currently affected by the 2002 CO2 tax regulations. (Only their employees are affected).

Company Car users

Please note when you add more optional extras to a car, this can increase the P11D value, which could increase the benefit in kind CO2 tax you pay. (This does not affect Personal Contracts)

High Mileage Users

The smallest change in mileage can dramatically affect the monthly contract hire cost to you or your company and by checking the manufacturer’s service intervals could help your decision to perhaps choosing 28,000 per annum instead of 30,000 and cut costs.

Questions & Answers

If you are ever unsure about anything, always feel free to ask the question especially with documentation.

Fuel Choice

Calculate your estimated mileage and compare fuel costs with mpg for the most economical choice.

Lease Extension

It may be possible to extend your lease agreement while awaiting delivery of your next vehicle.


In the event of an accident always contact your insurance company immediately and then contact your leasing provider.

Special Offers

Please note that special offers are often available on a limited number of vehicles for a restricted period of time. In order to benefit from these offers a swift enquiry is essential as they can change from day to day.

By Stuart Watt. For the latest car leasing news or to arrange your next contract hire, go to 1st4contracthire.co.uk

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