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Chapter Seven Bankruptcy: 3 Quick Tips For Preparing Your Chapter Seven Bankruptcy

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If filing chapter seven bankruptcy or even chapter thirteen bankruptcy, seems to be imminent, we seriously recommend that you review this quick start list. Just by beginning to throw specific paperwork into specific boxes, you’re creating a platform that will help make getting organized so much easier. Even, if you’re not sure about really moving forward, following these simple procedures doesn’t take much special effort and will make filing chapter seven bankruptcy that much easier of a decision to make.

1. Start collecting bills for monthly expenses such as: electricity, gas, food, cable, phone, etc. In both Chapter Seven Bankruptcy and Chapter Thirteen Bankruptcy, you’ll need to list your monthly basic expenses in order to be reviewed for the Chapter 7 Means Test.

2. If you’ve signed up with a “debt settlement,” company, cancel the service immediately.

3. If you’ve defaulted on a debt at a bank where you also maintain checking/savings/investment accounts, etc., it’s critical that you open a new account at a bank where you have no relationship as a debtor, ASAP. Banks are increasingly levying bank accounts of borrowers who are in default, without having to win a judgment first. And, it’s all completely legal! This applies both to Chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13.

“Chapter Seven Bankruptcy: How Could This Be Happening To ME?”

After personally helming close to 800 bankruptcies in the last year, I know what’s keeping you from picking up the phone. And, that you’re only hurting yourself by putting this off. For those of you who’ve toyed with the idea of calling those radio debt negotiation companies, please, let me caution you. The majority of them will probably close their doors in the next few months. Given the thousands of complaints filed with State Attorney Generals across the country, as of October 1st of this year, the FTC has made it illegal for any non-law firm based debt settlement companies to collect fees for their services until after they’ve settled your debts. As most of these companies generate the majority of their income collecting 3 months of payments before even starting to negotiate your debts, this could spell the beginning of the end for most of them.

Chapter Seven Bankruptcy. Is It As Bad As Everyone Keeps Saying?

I encourage you to Google “Bankruptcy History,” and learn as much as you can. Because, once you know the facts, you’ll feel better about making this very important choice. Bankruptcy is not only NOT the end of the world, it’s how we spell R-E-L-I-E-F. Because, after we meet with new clients, that’s virtually what they all say to us. “Wow, I can’t believe it, but, I really feel like the world’s been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you. Thank you so much!” So, if you’re ready to move past the roller coaster of negative emotions you’re struggling with, visit: Save My House Now.

Chapter Seven Bankruptcy News: Revamped FTC Rules Instigated To Punish Mortgage Loan Modification Ripoff Scammers.

Chapter Seven Bankruptcy Report: The Federal Trade Commission has imposed new restrictions barring loan modifications by foreclosure prevention companies that are not run by licensed attorneys.

The Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (MARS) rule is designed to protect vulnerable homeowners from mortgage relief scams that have run rampant during the mortgage meltdown. As reported at: Save My House Now, Many of these entities pretended to be government entities or affiliates to earn the trust of unsuspecting clients facing foreclosure.

Chapter Seven Bankruptcy Update: Sellers Providing New Home Buyers With Job Loss Coverage Plan.

Chapter Seven Bankruptcy Report: The program, known as the, “Home Payment Protection Program,” was triggered by California’s continued high unemployment rate. With 12.4% of the population still unemployed, the housing market is resorting to creative solutions to jump start consumer confidence. “Most people out today wanting to buy houses have a fear: What happens if I lose my job?” CAR president Beth L. Peerce indicated. “This takes some of that stress away.”

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