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Where Are The Biederlack Panda and White Tiger Blankets?

biederlack blanket

Q: “I’m looking for the Biederlack Panda Blanket and the Biederlack White Tiger Blanket, but can’t find them anywhere.”Biederlack blankets and cuddlewraps have been among our most prized and favorite products and we have proudly carried Biederlack products for seven years. Beautiful, unique, and made in the USA, these quality blankets and cuddle wraps will no longer be available. After 30 years of producing fine throws, blankets, blanket wraps, and wall hangings, Biederlack closed its doors in May 2009.Fits My Budget has purchased a small, limited stock of cuddlewraps – large-sized cuddlewraps, standard or traditional sized cuddlewraps, teen or tween...

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