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Tenant Loans Explained

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Tenant loans are loans offered to people who are unable to offer a house as collateral for a loan, quite simply because they have no house to put up. It is fast cash without risk. As the name suggests they are for ‘tenants,’ i.e. people staying in rented places because they do not have their own place and hence are not obliged to offer immovable property as collateral. For that matter, applicants for tenant loans are not required to offer any collateral- immovable property or otherwise- making the loan “unsecured.” This attracts high interest rates, higher than that for secured loans, but is still advantageous if you consider the fact that not all can afford to put up collateral upfront. The loan may be used for any purpose- car repair, car purchase, business venture, business expansion, business liabilities, medical expenses, wedding expenses, debt consolidation, or even for a holiday.

Tenant loans are relatively easy to obtain and even those with a bad credit record can go for them. A bad credit record appears against your name if you have been irregular with debt payments towards a loan or credit card. Usually, these names are stored in a centralized database and banks and lenders crosscheck the names in this list before offering a loan to anyone. Financial mismanagement happens to the best of us and some unfortunately end up as tenants with a bad credit record. This can be a really tough situation to be in for anyone.

Fortunately, tenant loans tend to overlook this. There is no credit check process and the borrower can get the loan fast. Lenders can offer up to twenty-five grand for a time period that may range from one to ten years. I might be making it sound a little too easy here. There are certain eligibility criteria to get the tenant loans. The applicant should be an adult and must be a permanent residence of the country and must have a certain minimum salary as stipulated by the lender. Moreover he must own a salaried bank account that has been in operation for a certain period. This proves the capacity of the borrower to pay back the loan.

Since tenant loans are available even without credit check they are a great way for you to build good credit.

Jason Strauss is a full time writer with a particular interest in finance products and loans. Over the years he has written a broad range of content to help people understand and take advantage of Tenant loans to the people in UK looking for such loans.

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