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Where is Orange Glo Concentrate or Super Duck Hair Dryer?

Looking for Orange Glo concentrate cleaner? Can’t find the Black & Decker Super Duck Pet Hairdryer? These two very popular and unrelated products have been discontinued and are no longer available. We, too, were disappointed that both products have been discontinued as they were very good sellers for us and just plain cool products. So why discontinue OrangeGlo and Superducks? Good cleaners are hard to find and, pet hair dryers (?!) – Well this particular model of blow dryer was in demand by pastry chefs everywhere. Yes, pastry chefs! Chefs found the dryer gently powerful, but very effective for drying icing and delicate pastries. Its stand made it easy to handle. Even people with pets liked this product as it didn’t scare the willies out of Fido or FiFi. (By the way, Fits My Budget does sell dryer stands so you can improvise). The answer: we don’t really know. (You were afraid we were going to say that!)

Orange Glo, which was founded by a Colorado man (go Rockies !), created the Orange Glo Wood Cleaner & Polish in his garage. Made from the oil of Valencia oranges, the company exploded and, in 2006 was sold for buckets of money to the owner of Arm & Hammer. Evidently some of the products were either discontinued or put on hold, since only the Orange Glo hardwood floor cleaner line seems to be available and, since it is oily and not a paste, doesn’t work as well as a general cleaner. But I love the stuff and use it on my hardwood floors, since it doesn’t leave streaks and has a nice shine.

Once in awhile, we get calls from customers seeking these two wonderful products and, having found one of our old pages in the buried layers of the WWW, demanding to buy one of these products (oh please come back and demand something we still carry!). All we can do is apologize. But, rest assured, we’ll be the first to tell you if and when we get wind that these products will be resurrected.

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