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Winter Travel Emergency Kits

emergency travel

 The winter months are upon us and, travelling during adverse weather conditions can present a challenge, particularly in areas where rapidly changing weather can result in white-out conditions. Here in beautiful Woodland Park , Colorado (“The City above the Clouds”), we know too well that the weather can change from sunny skies to blizzard conditions in a matter of hours. The Colorado Department of Transportation recommends that commuters and travelers carry the following emergency supplies in their vehicles at all times:

Blankets *

First aid kit

Can with candle

Tool kit *


Tire chains

Paper towels



Can opener *

Extra batteries

Flashlight *


Ice scraper

Tow rope/strap

Jumper cables

Mobile phone & charger

Canned/dried foods

Sand/cat litter for traction

Waterproof matches

Canned compressed air/sealant

Warm clothing & gloves *

We also recommend a CB radio or CB walkie-talkie, since cell phone reception can be limited in certain areas. Fits My Budget can help you with your emergency travel kit and you can start with our Yorkcraft Highway Emergency Kit. Safe travelling!

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