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Deducting Travel As a Business Expense

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As a general rule, travel expenses are deductible as a business expense as long as the expense is considered by the IRS to be an ordinary and necessary business expense under (IRC section 162). But when you incur a travel expense outside the United States, that is when the rules begin to change. Do not assume that 100% of your foreign travel expenses are tax deductible. And better yet, consult with your CPA during the planning phase of your foreign travel in order to maximize your opportunity for a tax deduction. General Rules Regarding Travel Expenses:Travel expenses traditionally includes the...

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Airline carriers, Be aware! Carry On Bag Dimensions Need to Modify

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Experiencing just simply arrived from Houston, on United Airlines Flight #503 to Colorado, I appeared to be dismayed at both United as well as the inconsiderate passengers who boarded with outsized ‘roller boards’ and carry-on totes. Many of the travelers obtained several! Exactly what occurred for the times of overnight cases and LITTLE soft-sided luggage? So it was no real shock to learn the ticket worker enlighten travelers when they were boarding with the 3rd and 4th groupings, there would be hardly any place in the overhead receptacles and, that when his or her luggage didn’t fit underneath the seats...

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Winter Travel Emergency Kits

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 The winter months are upon us and, travelling during adverse weather conditions can present a challenge, particularly in areas where rapidly changing weather can result in white-out conditions. Here in beautiful Woodland Park , Colorado (“The City above the Clouds”), we know too well that the weather can change from sunny skies to blizzard conditions in a matter of hours. The Colorado Department of Transportation recommends that commuters and travelers carry the following emergency supplies in their vehicles at all times:Blankets *First aid kitCan with candleTool kit *CompassTire chainsPaper towelsShovelWaterCan opener *Extra batteriesFlashlight *MapsIce scraperTow rope/strapJumper cablesMobile phone & chargerCanned/dried...

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