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What Software Is Available to Repair Credit?

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As you no doubt already know there is no way to repair your credit strictly speaking. Hence there is no magic “repair credit” software. Having said this however there are a few tools you can use to help you in your quest to improve your credit from this point forward. The first will help you to repair your credit is a tool to help you pay your bills on time. Chances are you already have this tool available to you, you are just not aware of it. The bank or credit union that you work with most likely has an...

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Good Credit Is Your Cutting Edge With Prospective Creditors

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As a consumer seeking credit-based financial products or services, you should give yourself every advantage. Virtually all loan grantors utilize your credit report contents to determine whether – and on what terms – they will extend credit to you. What does a credit score report contain? In addition to general personal data such as your address, employer, etc., the main component of your report is debt repayment history. Public record entries such as judgments, liens, and bankruptcies are also recorded. All prior inquiries into your history usually appear in your report, as well. Why do I need to get a...

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4 Steps to a Good Credit Score

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In the olden days, our credit worthiness was based on a method of “good faith” and a handshake. Those days are long gone. The “good faith”/handshake method has been replaced by an elusive 3-digit code known as our FICO score. Our FICO score is determined by various factors and depending on where you land on this spectrum (spectrum being a scale ranging from 300-850), it can have a positive or negative impact on our buying power. In the initial phases, our credit score was used when it came time to buying a house or a car or getting a loan...

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